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SG-01 Muscle Back Irons

Fabricant: SCOTT GOLF
SG-01 Muscle Back Irons With the feel of the blades but give you a little more forgiveness. Giving you the most control and forgiveness on the golf course. With the same lofts as our Bladed Irons, Starting at 48° at the pitching wedge and going 4 degrees down each club and 3 degrees from the 4 iron to 3 iron which is a 21° loft. Giving you the best and most consistent forged irons on the market. The recommended handicap for these clubs is 4-12 or anyone who is seriously looking to improve their game and reach that handicap.
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Precision and Control

The compact clubhead design and concentrated mass behind the sweet spot provide golfers with enhanced feedback and a heightened sense of control.

Feel and Feedback:

The solid construction transmits a pure and direct sensation through the hands, allowing golfers to discern the quality of their ball-striking and make necessary adjustments. This level of feedback is valued by skilled golfers who appreciate the ability to fine-tune their swings.


The minimal offset and thin topline of blade irons facilitate shot-shaping and provide a high level of versatility on the course. Golfers who prioritize shot creativity and adaptability often prefer these irons.

Shotmaking Mastery

By mastering these irons, golfers can achieve a higher level of proficiency and develop a deeper understanding of their swing mechanics.

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