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SG-04 Forge-giveness

Fabricant: SCOTT GOLF
Welcome to the family, SG-04 This is where forged irons and forgiveness have finally come together. A perfect combination of the best feel in golf with the forgiveness you will not be expecting from a forged iron. We have now come up with the iron for all those who are looking for a little extra face and sweet spot the size of a half dollar. Now you can get performance with feel that over the past 20 yrs have only been available from a select couple Japanese iron companies until we came along.
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These irons are particularly beneficial for mid-to-high handicap golfers or those who prioritize forgiveness, playability, and consistency.


The larger sweet spot provides forgiveness on off-center hits, reducing the negative effects of mishits and helping maintain distance and accuracy.


The design of the cavity helps launch the ball higher and with more ease, making it easier for golfers to get the ball airborne. This higher launch can be beneficial for golfers who struggle with generating sufficient trajectory or distance.

Distance and Accuracy

The perimeter weighting and lower center of gravity (CG) in cavity back irons contribute to stability and a more consistent ball flight. This can lead to improved distance control and overall accuracy, enabling golfers to hit more greens and score better

Confidence and Enjoyment

Knowing that mishits are less likely to be severely penalized can boost a golfer's self-assurance and enjoyment of the game. Cavity back irons provide a level of comfort and reassurance that allows golfers to swing more freely and with less fear of mistakes.

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