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Voice Caddie EL1 Laser Rangefinder

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The new EL1 laser rangefinder combines high performance and quality in a stylish design. The light weight and compact EL1 is packed with all the essential functions for all golfers in an ergonomically compact form. MAIN FUNCTIONS -Auto Slope (Slope function can be turned on or off) - 1,000 Yards Range - 6x Optical Magnification - Continuous Scan Mode (Normal Mode) - Vibration & Alert (Pin Mode)

Voice Caddie L6 Laser Rangefinder

The new L6 is a full-feature laser rangefinder that is designed for maximum performance and durability on the course. In its scope is OLED display that emits bright red readings for maximum visibility in all conditions. The L6 utilizes best-in-class optics for robust clarity and visuals at all distances. With a super high speed processor, the L6 laser signal speed is designed for rapid fire and target locking throughout the course. Equipped with slope distance compensation and advanced stabilization, the L6 is designed for use by professionals and golfers of all skill levels. The integrated Pin Tracer combines multi-point shooting and precision filtration to provide rapid and accurate readings from all distances. While laser rangefinders in the market utilize low grade optics and signal output systems without filter and stabilizer assistance, the L6 is a complete and premium device designed for total performance. MAIN FUNCTIONS • Auto Slope (Slope function can be turned on/off) • Pin Tracer™ Technology with Vibration & Visual Indicator • V-Algorithm™ • 1,000 Yards Range • 6x Optical Magnification • Speed-Detecting Booster • 1-Touch Pin Mode • Strong & Durable Body • Continuous Scan Mode (Normal Mode) • Vibration on Target Capture (Pin Mode)

Voice Caddie TL1 Laser Rangefinder

Pin Tracer™ (Increased lock on area) V-Algorithm™ (Enhanced slope & GPS data) Integrated Magnet Auto Slope Switch (Slope function can be turned on or off) 1000 Yards Range 2-Color OLED 6x Optical Magnification Auto Brightness TL1 Laser Rangefinder with Slope quantity

Voice Caddie SL3 Hybrid GPS Laser

The all-new SL3 captures the highest essence of technology in one, state-of-the-art laser rangefinder. An active hybrid GPS laser rangefinder, the SL3 integrates a high-resolution touchscreen, dynamic and detailed green undulation data, and course layout graphics (with eagle eye overview), putt view with elevation/distance measurement, and GPS distance readings. In its scope is a bright multi-color OLED display with best-in-class optical clarity. The SL3 integrates slope compensation, pin tracer with GPS pin assist for advanced stabilization, a ultra-high-speed processor, and high propensity noise filtration. The SL3 is the only device ever to integrate a fully hybrid GPS for maximum filtering and stability, illustrative course layout and green views, and putt distance measurement into a laser rangefinder. Truly the most advanced laser rangefinder ever developed. MAIN FUNCTIONS • True Hybrid GPS/Laser Rangefinder • Pin Tracer™ (Increased lock on area) • GPS Pin Assist: Utilizes GPS Data to Filter Background and hone in on the Pin • Slope Integration with Tournament Mode • Shot Distance Measurement • Putt View – Elevation / Distance • Color Touch LCD Screen • Course layout / GPS yardage view / Green Undulation / Putt View • Adjustable Dual Color OLED for Low Light Play • Optical Angle/High Clarity Lens * Course layout & Green Undulation is not available for all courses. Currently, Course layout & Green undulation is active for over 13,000 courses in US, 15,000 courses worldwide. (Continuously updating the data library) Categories: Laser Rangefinder, New Arrival


DESCRIPTION Player Pack Includes: Series 3 Max Rangefinder Player Wireless Speaker MagHub 6-in-1 Divot Tool